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Everything You Need to Do Your First Deal in 12 Weeks or Less!
“You’re just one real estate deal away from completely changing your life!” – Chris White, CEO, Rebel Investor Society
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“This is the most effective way I know from over a decade of being an entrepeneur to create financial freedom and time freedom with the same income vehicle…”

– Chris White, Creator, Rebel Investor Game

We Are Rebel Investors

“INVEST in yourself first. EXPECT nothing from no one and be willing to work FOR EVERYTHING.” – Tony Gaskins

We empower people to breakfree from the matrix of mediocrity to build a real estate investing business on the internet that gives them the time freedom and financial freedom they deserve. Are you ready for greatness?


We Invest in Real Estate
Because real estate investing creates more millionaires than any industry and it’s our path to passive wealth.


We Invest in Expertpreneurship
Because expertise packaged in a systematized way is the NOW and the FUTURE of the new economy.


We Invest in Bravery
Because it’s the one ingredient that empowers us to achieve greatness on our path to freedom.


We Invest in Energy
Because it’s what fuels our ability to share our EXTRAORDINARY with the world day-in-and-day-out.


We Invest in Being Liberators
Because the world needs more light so we choose to stand strong & vigilant with the mindset of: “Here I am send me!”

I’m Chris White and this is my 7 word bio: Agent of Hope. Determined Outlook. Ollin Ethos. I’m best known for helping people get out of their own way so they can get sh*t done. I take great joy in exposing the guarded backroom secrets of the marketing elite to help people like you win and WIN BIG! I’m uniquely qualified for this role having worked with over 21 multi-million dollar producers. Get more of the scoop here.

“Thanks for all you do. Your training is truly changing my mindset. Somehow I lost my way in being happy. I have been tired of the work grind for years and truly thought I was stuck in this life. I now believe (with daily affirmations) that I can do anything I want. Does it take time? Sure but now I believe I control my future and I will succeed in my business and will help others along the way. Thanks for helping me find my way.”

Don Andrews

Expertpreneur, Rebel Investor

“Hi Chris. I’ve watched every training of season 1. The fact you offer advice every day is big for me. It helps me stay motivated. I’ve learned a number of things. I now have a clear vision and goals. I’m working on my emotional intelligence and I’m staying positive. I’m in the process of changing my habits. I have researched many different trainers and marketing people and this by far offers a lot more value than others. Thanks!”

Adam Wakefield

Expertpreneur, Rebel Investor

What Industry Leaders Have to Say About Chris White

"Chris White is an exceptionally gifted leader. 

Those he has led are deeply devoted to him and would follow him anywhere. His winsome personality, ability to create an environment of trust, mentoring abilities, self sacrificing relational style and commitment to give respect and value to each individual he leads is exceptional and refreshing in a self centered, power hungry leadership culture. 

If you need a man that is a visionary leader, who can contagiously cast vision and draws those he leads into that vision he is second to none. He is strategic, a passionate communicator, a critical thinker, a bold decision maker, globally experienced, able to adapt to each situation, a team player and a man of deep character.

Stack him up against other leaders and they will pale in what he will bring to your team.  It has been an honor to partner with him and I consider myself a better man and leader of others because of his life.

If you are not part of Rebel Investor Society you are not only missing out on an incredible life experience, but also the opportunity to work with a man who will empower you to grow beyond levels of personal achievement that you simply could never achieve on your own. "  

- John Hatfield, Chicago, IL
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author