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Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Kamry Selley

“I entered the corporate rat race right out of grad school and immediately decided to take a stab at real estate in 2014. Paid money to learn from one of the gurus, but realized there wasn’t much support and guidance given. After taking a break for over a year, I was introduced to this group and quickly saw a TREMENDOUS difference in both the support and knowledge provided. Having lifetime access to the support, systems and knowledge is unbelievable. Their intellectual guidance, encouragement, and commitment to my success are the icing on the cake for me. I came across an amazing new development deal in New Orleans, LA within my first 3 months, but didn’t have the funding. I found someone willing to partner with me and setup the deal from the knowledge I’d learned through the network. This deal has a potential to make $90-100K+ and my partner and I are splitting the profits. On top of that, I’ve started my own Seller Finance Notes business through the guidance and help from one of the many wonderful teachers in the group. This opportunity is a true blessing. I am so excited to have FOUND my path to financial freedom and on my way to creating the life of my dreams. This is just the beginning!”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Carrie Ray

“Wow, what can I say about Rebel Investor Society? We are a great group of people who are really more like a family, all working together and supporting each other as we achieve our goals. I never thought of myself as a real estate investor. I always thought that was something that other people did – something that “businessmen” did – Yeah – seriously, that’s what I thought! Little ol’ me, owning properties and creating residual income with those properties? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, but it is happening! We have the educational system that maps out the steps of creating your own business. I’ve learned so much about how to structure my business and how to take control of my finances that I can hardly sleep at night I’m so excited! We have a phenomenal support system with practitioner instructors, which means that they are currently conducting business in the specialty that they teach, which is crucial – you don’t want to take advice from people who have just read a book or two on real estate! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is real, because it has opened up my eyes to the endless opportunities that are available to me!”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Don Andrews

“For 24 years I have given countless hours to a job that has helped advance the careers of others. I have missed holidays with my family, missed significant events in my children’s lives as they were growing up and all because I thought I was living the American Dream. How could I be living the American Dream when I was always working? Is there a way to work when I want to, as long as I want to, so I have the freedom to spend more time with my family? Now that sounds like the American Dream! Enough is Enough! I was tired and drew my line in the sand but what was I to do? I wanted time freedom and was ready to make a change but I needed a vehicle that would help me realize my dream. I was fortunate enough to run across a group of Entrepreneurs that were claiming time freedom in their opportunity and that was exactly what I was looking for. I took a leap of faith and jumped on an online workshop they were holding and that was something I had never done before. Attending that workshop changed my life. To my surprise I got actionable steps from the workshop to start my business. I now had my vehicle to start making the changes I wanted. Aligning myself with the Rebel Investor Society has changed my life. They have structured this much like an apprenticeship program and work with you every step of the way. These people are leading by example and working their business at the same time. I am armed with support like no other program. I am being mentored by people that care about the success of others and nowhere else will you get the comprehensive education that is given here. Being a part of the Rebel Investor Society is like having a second family. We meet frequently and are able to discuss successes and failures with each other to celebrate and support each other. I’ve been challenged to complete weekly assignments that will help prepare / grow my business. I need that support and push to keep me moving forward. I move forward each week with confidence knowing that I will accomplish the goals I have set for myself. I have only one regret with this whole program…and that is that I didn’t find something like this year’s ago!”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Victoria Diaz

“Stepping out of grad school I thought that I would automatically find a job that would pay enough to get rid of my student loan debt in three years or less. Seven years of frugal living later I just finished making my last payment. With each passing year I became more frustrated and as I drew closer to the end of that chapter of my life I realized that just about everyone I knew, my family, friends and co-workers were in the same boat. Maybe its not student loan debt, but many if not all of us in the “middle class” were carrying a financial burden with little light at the end of the tunnel. I was looking for an alternative to my current situation of exchanging time for money when I stumbled upon the Rebel Investor Society, a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds with a common goal of achieving financial freedom through the power of Real Estate Investing. If you are like me your initial reaction is “Real Estate is risky”. That’s exactly what I thought. But after becoming a part of the group and taking hold of the extensive training offered from experts in the areas real estate and marketing I can tell you with confidence that, “Risk is mitigated by education”. The more you are willing to learn by those who have already tried, failed and then gained success, is the faster you will progress on your path of financial independence. I can say this for a fact because in the five months since I became a member of the Rebel Investor Society I have already purchased my first fixer upper property, and within a week since closing renovations are already underway. The Rebel Investor Society helps me drive toward my goals, providing support with weekly calls, one on one question and answer sessions with highly knowledgeable mentors and other team members, flexible education modules, and access to a professional improvement audio library so you can keep pushing toward your goals even as you sit at a red light. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I decided to break the cycle, to stop hoping for the future I wanted and instead to start creating it by trying something new. I’m excited for you to join the team and do the same!”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Jake Zrelak

“Real estate is the best investment you can make for the next 25 years and now is the perfect time to get in. The support of this community is unlike anything else out there, and the real estate education is current, relevant, and practical in its instruction. We live in a new economy now. The old economy where working one job and saving for retirement was a fantasy. With uncertainty affecting today’s job market, college prices going up with no guarantee of a job upon graduation, it’s vital to your success to learn essential skills that can actually provide you with an income that will always be there, even when you’re not. And that’s something you can pass down to you kids, or whoever. Since joining Rebel Investor Society, I’ve become aware of the abundance of opportunity in the real estate investing world, and have learned valuable tools in the creation and success of my business.”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story


“Hey I am Cosmos. As a Millennial in 21st century America I see the Rebel investor society as not just a society pursuing financial freedom, but a society pursuing an idea….an idea that seems more and more hopeless in today’s day and age. We as a nation have been living a past filled with selfishness and greed for way too long….so long that we assume the future is bleak, but what we should know is that there is another choice, not just for the United states but for the entire planet…there are 3 major forces that govern human nature and society as a whole…. the force of love, the force of Ego and the force of fear. what you see in today’s world are the forces of Ego and fear battling it out in every sphere, especially with regards to the economy with love knocked out. The result is greed, exploitation, injustice and financial stress on the economic plane….in order to bring balance to the economic force, what America needs are more Entrepreneurs, who help bring about the idea of Compassionate Self-sufficiency to the economy…and the Rebel Investor society is one of our few best hopes…. because The leaders of this society value compassion and the need to be self-sufficient through financial education. Some people say that Money talks…but you see it is not the money per se, but the Individuals and the personalities behind the money that does the talking. If there are enough individuals who make and utilize Money through the lens of compassion and wisdom rather than Ego, fear and idiocy, then that ripples back into our society and overall energy of the nation. That is something I believe in….which brings us to the very moment that led you to read this.”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Erin Burns

“I’ve tried many different avenues, in order, to create an income where I could leave my job. I’ve done network marketing, internet marketing, and e-commerce. I just had a hard time getting sales moving. Once I met this group everything changed. First, having a community of “like minded” people helps you realize that you’re not alone. Second, having a community that cares about your success and genially wants you to succeed, was an amazing feeling. It makes you feel more positive and motived than you could ever imagine. Lastly, the step by step direction you get from the community helps you get to your goal faster. This gets rid of that “overwhelmed” feeling and everything becomes clear. When you put all of this together, that “I quite mentality” and “what’s the next shinny object syndrome” goes away. What a great feeling. I’m glad I took this chance because it’s been life changing experience for me.”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Sherri Chevalier

“For many years, I joined several direct sales companies. I’d jump from one to the other. I always thought… this is the one! On the other hand, I had always wanted to learn online marketing. I still have a full-time job, 2 boys and a husband that travels every week. I always thought I never had enough time, but I wanted more. I searched for the best training/system and thought I found it. I spent 3 days at a hotel training, drove 9 hours for a week training, access to all future training for life, and training directly from the expert which never happened. I had it all and I should’ve for what I spent… so I thought! However, I called, I emailed… where was the support? I finally found out… the program shut down. After that experience, I pretty much gave up. But something inside of me just knew there had to be someone out there that provided excellent training, a proven system, AND support. A few years later and a few more direct sales companies… I was introduced to a workshop by Chris White. Can I just say… WOW! We spent over an hour on the phone the next day talking through my goals, what I wanted to achieve, what are my biggest fears, etc. I thought to myself… what 7-figure earner takes the time to talk to someone like me? Was I fearful, overwhelmed, scared to jump into something else and take a risk? Yes, but this was different. I also felt that Chris offered a supportive community that no one else ever provided. Now that I’m in the Rebel Investor Society, it feels like family. We have weekly calls with Chris and other 7-figure earners. It’s a supportive community that consists of like-minded individuals and a group that truly wants YOU to succeed. The training and system that’s provided is first-class. We are all working the business together so we all want each other to be successful. Do you constantly focus on what you don’t have, or do you want to focus on what you can achieve? In just 6 months, Chris and others in the group have taught me to think differently and go after everything I want to achieve in life. No regrets here.”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Estella Yahaya

“I moved to the US a little over a year ago after working in several countries during my 15 year career in the corporate world. About the same time I moved over here, I lost my job and I thought to myself, it’s really time to do something for myself. As an immigrant, I have long been aware that America is the land of dreams and you can make it as long as you are willing to work hard and smart. I have always been interested in Real Estate Investing but knew that I needed knowledge, specific, concise, to the point and I also needed mentors to navigate this new, exciting territory. Enter the Rebel Investor Society… Here I found everything I was looking for, community, amazing support, stellar real estate education, access to world class teachers and mentors. The best part is what I have learned from the Real Estate Investing education, mentors and community have made the road to achieving my investment dreams smarter and shorter as well as giving me in depth information on how to navigate the business terrain which can be applied to any other business venture not just Real Estate Investing. The tax education, credit management and velocity banking strategies were timely information that I have been able to share with my spouse and other family members to improve our financial standing. I love the fact that my mentors are just a phone call away and they inspire me everyday to go above and beyond, to be a better version of myself. I wish I met this amazing community a lot sooner in life but God makes no mistakes, this is my TIME! I am on my way to my first deal of many and to great freedom for myself and family, as well as helping others achieve same.”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Sandi Chuck

“In today’s economic uncertainty we can’t rely on our jobs, social security or our 401k’s being around or able to sustain us in and through retirement. With the tax strategies we learn like paying off our mortgages in 5-10 years with velocity banking, paying our kids, starting our own business, etc. it just made sense to become a real estate investor. The tax advantages are incredible! How we choose to do and learn to become better in our businesses are pretty important factors to consider when starting. How much better would it be to be in business for yourself but not by yourself? Being able to ask someone with much more experience and knowledge than yourself anything you want without fear that they will “take” your customer, idea, or market but actually help you come up with a resolution for the dilema? How awesome would it be to have a way to be inspired when you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or not able to focus? To have someone who will push you when you need it? The Rebel Investor Society is the answer to all the above. Our leaders teach us, inspire us and make us want to become better so we can become leaders ourselves. I am growing personally, professionally as well as gaining new knowledge by reading daily, studying the real estate videos, and connecting with the Facebook Live, even if it has to be done later that day. In Proverbs 29:18 it states, “where there is no vision, the people perish…”; our leaders have vision and are here to serve us in any capacity they can, they exemplify true leadership. Come and check us out! You’ll be happy you did! Game on!!!”

Rebel InvestorSuccess Story

Orlando Diaz

“My name is Orlando. I am a professional, classical musician. I graduated from a prestigious music school about 3 years ago, and had over $100K in debt to show for it. The danger however, wasn’t the number. It was the number and quality of people around me. Why would I change anything when all my other professional colleagues are in the same boat? After joining the Rebel Investor Society, my mind shift was not so much about the money, but about how important it is to have the right people around you. This team BELIEVES and FIGHTS and NEVER QUITS, whereas everyone else does what they have to do to get by. It is not their fault, especially when that world of mediocrity is the status quo. But if you are reading this, my mentor Chris White is giving you an opportunity you don’t want to miss. You may be a run-of-the-mill, 9-5 worker now, but we will get you to places you have never even dreamed of. You may be a highly skilled, multi-talented entrepreneur already, but we will help you hone your vision to truly follow your dreams. If it wasn’t for this opportunity, I would still be making music and having relative success doing it, but now I can see beyond myself, beyond the music, into a legacy of excellence that is so necessary in this world. It won’t be easy, but think of the alternative. Jim Carrey once said, “You can always fail at what you don’t love, so you might as well take a chance on what you do love.”

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